15. Daniel

We Are Now Forming An Army

.    I am here, Daniel--the prophet of God of the Old Testament;
    I am with you tonight because you have reason to believe that you have been selected to do the work of Jesus in transmitting his messages to mankind, and I want to add my testimony to that of the others who have preceded me.
    I am a follower of the Master although I lived on earth many years before he came to announce the rebestowal of the great divine love of the Father and show the way by which every man who so desires may obtain it.
    ...Sometime I will come and relate to you my experience in finding this love and in becoming convinced of the real mission and truth of Jesus' teachings, and how this love came into my soul and resulted in my becoming a Christian.
    ...I am grateful that I could write to you tonight, and I feel that by doing so I am opening the way to my being able to do good to mortals, for we are now forming an army, as you would say, to make a great and successful onslaught on the powers of evil and darkness as they now exist in the mortal world. Jesus will be the leader of this army. He is the greatest spirit in all God's universe, and we who are his followers realize that fact and follow him without question.
    So my friend, I must stop. With the love of a brother who to you may seem ancient, but is very young, I will say goodnight.