St. John 9


     I am here, John;
    I was with you tonight at the meeting and it did you good for there were many spirits present who have the love to a more or less degree, and of course, their influence was being exercised on and felt by the worshipers.
    The preacher is a man with a considerable amount of the divine love in his soul, and if he only had the true conception of Jesus he would find himself possessing more of this love; and his idea of the holy spirit is such that it interferes with his receiving the effect of the work of the spirit. He thinks and believes it to be an entity - in other words, a being of substance and thought and sentient capacity, whereas, as you know, it is not, but merely the evidence of the working of God's own soul in bestowing upon mortals His love and mercy.
    The spirit is God's messenger for this purpose and is not a creation of His, as is Jesus and mankind. It is merely an energy of the soul of the Father, conveying His love. The spirit could have no existence without the soul of the Father, and is entirely dependent upon the powers of that soul for its existence, and only in the sense that it conveys God's love can it be called the comforter. And to grieve the spirit, as the preacher said, means only that the love of God is grieved, which is in fact not true, for this love is never grieved as it is so great and so intense in its desire that men shall receive it, that it never becomes grieved, though it is often disappointed, as you may say, that men will not receive it. It is always present waiting for men to receive it, and by their longings and prayers cause their souls to be opened up to its reception. And this remember: that this love of the Father is so very great that the spirit which conveys it to man cannot become grieved.
    You must pray more and let your faith increase and you will find what the holy spirit is and how it operates. Your prayers will be answered and a great inflowing of the love and also your desires will be realized. Keep up your courage and you will not be disappointed. Today may look dark and dreary, but tomorrow the sun will shine and you will enjoy the sunlight.
    I will not write more now.
    So with my love and blessings I will say goodnight.
    Your brother in Christ, John.