The New Gospel - Volume 1

The Second Coming: "I am here, Jesus"

Cloud of Witnesses

1. John the Baptist: "I am now the harbinger of the Master as I was when on earth."
2. St. John: The wonderful love Jesus has for James Padgett
3. St. Andrew: "No spirit will be allowed to impersonate the Master or any of the others."
4. St. Peter: "James Padgett is the true selection of the Master"
5. St. James: "Jesus' love for humanity is so great."
6. James the lessor: "I want to be in that number."
7. St. Matthew: "No opposition will be able to withstand the power the celestial angels will exert."
8. St. Thomas: "Never was a man more favored by the greatest man and most wonderful spirit, Jesus."
9. St. Anthony: "The great favor the Master has bestowed upon Padgett."
10. St. Mark: "The Master is doing a great work through Padgett.
11. St. Luke: "Any doubt is more than foolishness."
12. St. Stephen: "You must believe in us spirits who once lived on earth and taught the truths of Jesus to men."
13. St. Barnabas: "We will exert all our power and love."
14. St. Paul: "I am anxious to disclose the true teachings of Jesus."
15. Daniel: "We are now forming an army."
16. Elias: "The great work Padgett is doing."
17. Samuel: "I am now a christian."
18. Jehoshaphat: "Interested in the work the Master has called you to do."
19. Lot: "Jesus is our leader and we are all following him."
20. Shem: "Father of one of the tribes of Isreal is interested in the work which Padgett is doing."
21. Moses: "The importance of the Jews learning the truths as proclaimed by Jesus."
22. John Wesley: "Padgett will do the work and not fail if he will only have faith."
23. St. Clement: "Catholic Pope gives his testimony."
24. St. George: "The Master is working to save mankind."
25. George Washington: "The work is the most important one."
26. Thomas Jefferson: "A work of the greatest, vital importance."
27. Daniel Webster: "Jesus will write the great truths of the Father."
28. Ann Rollins: "Centainly Padgett cannot doubt."
29. Helen Padgett: "All the high spirits came to remove doubt."
30. JESUS: "I caused the spirits to come to establish your faith in my being the true Jesus of the Bible."
31. Lazarus: "The spirits are whom they represent themselves to be."
32. St. Jerome: "These messages are written by the spirits professing to write them."
33. St. John: "The faith Padgett must have."

The Second Coming

34. JESUS: "There is none to gainsay or prevent what I do or determine to do."
35. St. John: "Jesus' presence like that of a very God."
36. Helen Padgett: "Simply awe-struck at the presence of Jesus."
37. Ann Rollins: "The sun would appear as a pale moonbeam in Jesus' presence."
38. A.G. Riddle: "Could not look upon Jesus' countenance."
39. White Eagle: "Could not withstand the Glory."
40. R.G. Ingersol: "Jesus is the son of God in its fullest meaning."
41. Saleeba, Egyptian Princess: "Jesus showed great effulgence of light."
42. John Layton: "An epoch in the spirit world."
43. JESUS: "This is my second coming."
44. St. John: "Jesus again displayed his great power."
45. St. James: "Overpowered by Jesus' great presence."
46. Ann Rollins: "Jesus wrote with power and force."
47. Helen Padgett: "Jesus' appearance was grand and magnificent."
48. A.G. Riddle: "Jesus is as the glory of the noon-day sun."
49. JESUS: "The war of Armageddon is now taking place within the soul."
50. St. Luke: "The millennium will not come with the coming of Jesus in a manifested physical way."
51. St. John: "Jesus will never come in all his glory and power and take men into his heaven just as they are in body, soul and spirit."
52. Solomon: "Being chosen to do this work was not a thing of the moment."
53. Swedenborg: "I was a failure."

Preparing the Way

54. JESUS: "The only prayer people need send to the Father."
55. R.G. Ingersoll: "The Master was glorious as he wrote the prayer."
56. Helen: "The desolate places will bloom and blossom as the rose."
57. JESUS: "You must soon be prepared to take my messages."
58. Elizabeth: "This is really the second coming of Jesus."
59. St. John: "One moment of true soul longings is more effective than hours of prayer."
60. JESUS: "My rapport with you is now complete."
61. John the Baptist: "The time is now ripe."

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The New Gospel -  Volume Two
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