19. Lot

Jesus Is Our Leader

.    I am here, Lot of the Old Testament;
    I come because I am now a follower of the Master and want to add my testimony to that of the others of olden times who have written you that Jesus is alive and the ruler of the celestial heavens, and is now working among men and spirits to show them the way to eternal life and the divine love of the Father.
    I am now so filled with it that my happiness is beyond all conception of not only man, but of spirits who live in lower spheres than I do.
    I must not write more tonight, but I will tell you that I am one of the celestial spirits who are interested in and now are engaged in doing the great work for the redemption of mankind. Jesus is our leader, and we are following him in the effort to redeem the world; for you must know that redemption is an individual matter and not one that can be accomplished in redeeming a nation or a race as a whole. So you must see back of this work is the great power of the celestial as well as the spiritual heavens.
    So my dear brother, I must say goodnight.