Message 3

Condition of the World When Jesus Came To Teach

    I am here, Jesus;     
    When I came to the world to teach the truths of my Father the world was almost devoid of a spiritual conception of the true relationship of God to man, and God was a being of power and wrath only. It was because of this conception of Him that the Jews were so devoid of the true knowledge of His nature and attributes. They only knew Him as a God who was interested in their material welfare and did not realize that He was a God Who wanted them to know Him as the spiritual Father and savior from the sins and evil natures that they possessed. And consequently, when I came they looked upon me, I mean those who accepted me as their Messiah, as one who would redeem them from the slavery which their Roman conquerors had placed them in and make them a great and independent nation more powerful than all the nations of the earth, and fitted to rule the whole world.
    They, even my disciples, had no conception of my true mission on earth until shortly before my death, and looked upon me merely as a savior of them from the burdens which the Roman yoke had placed upon them. The only one of my disciples who had any approximate realization of what my coming to earth meant was John, and that was because of the great amount of love that seemed to be a part of his nature and being. 
    To him I explained my real mission and taught him the spiritual truths which I came to teach, and the only way in which mortals could receive that love of the Father which was necessary to make them One with the Father and enable them to partake of the Divinity of the Father. Hence, only in John's gospel is written the one necessary requirement to a full salvation and redemption of mankind--I mean the declaration that men must be born again in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven. This is the only true way by which a man can become a true child of the Father and fitted to live in and enjoy the Father's kingdom to the fullest. 
    The other disciples had more or less a conception of this necessary truth, but not the full comprehension of what it involved. Peter was more possessed of this love than were the other disciples, except John, and with it he also understood that I was the true son of my Father; but he never understood nor declared that I was God. He was a man filled with zeal and ambition, but his development of love was not sufficient to enable him to fully realize that my kingdom was not to be an earthly one until after my death; and then the conviction came to him in all its truth and fullness and he became the most powerful and influential of all my disciples.
    After the pentecost all of my disciples understood what my real mission was, and they went into the world and preached the true doctrines of my mission on earth and the love of the Father for His children, and the fact that that love was waiting for all who should seek for it. So you see that many of my disciples when on earth were not possessed of the true conception of my mission and were not true followers of me in that inner meaning of what the love of the Father meant, which I tried to preach to them. 
    I have on earth now many mortals who understand my teachings better, and with a greater extent of soul knowledge than did my disciples when journeying with me through Palestine. 
    But there are a great many men and women now living who do not understand my teachings, even though they think they understand the Bible and the interpretations of its discourses in accordance with the accepted doctrines of the learned and so-called teachers of its truths.
    So believe that I am Jesus and your true friend and brother who is with you very much, trying to help you and make you happy and content. With my love and prayers -
    I am Jesus